Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Kim Lansdowne-Walker 'Ohlara'Kim is a medicine women, visionary, clairvoyant and healer with the ability to give ‘Vision to Life’. She shares this inner knowing with her clients and students who are seeking healing, awakening and enlightenment. Working with her gift of ‘Owl Medicine’ Kim helps people reach their full soul potential in healing, health, ascension, love, career, or karmic evolution.

From a near death experience in 1980 Kim met 12 light beings, which guided and directed her healing, spiritual awakening and the study of many healing modalities including geology. During her studies in geology the light beings returned and activated her to ground the information about a new crystalline healing system which would support the evolution and ascension of humankind and our return to light. In 1998 this was coined ‘Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing’, the return of consciousness to love.

Kim’s life work has been to develop Platinum Alchemy and share it. For over 20 years Kim has developed, taught and helped many clients with Platinum Alchemy in Australia and throughout the world.

Contact Kim here for personal healing, readings and further information about Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing.

More information about Kim’s work can be seen at and

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