Whats On in 2017 with Kim

Kim Lansdowne-Walker 'Ohlara'Kim ‘Ohlara Amohba Taja’ is an independent trainer and facilitator of esoteric sciences and healing arts. With over 35 years personal experience and clinical practice experience she provides students with her unique spiritual views and removes the BS from these healing arts.

Kim challenges your thinking and especially your belief systems as she refreshingly supports you to open up to your authentic soul truth.


Whether you work with Kim in coaching | therapy | healing sessions or through her PureBalance Inner Wisdom Academy, ‘mystery school’ you can expect an amazingly profound new way of being and grounding as you learn the truth about how you experience and evolve through the physical and spiritual realms. This will hold you steadfast in future endeavours, careers, life or personal healing.

Kim works closely with the Platinum Elohim and Shining Ones who are guiding and supporting our personal shift in Love, Light & Joy conscious evolution

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