The Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system addresses the various stages of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and healing dis-ease working through the chakra system and DNA cellular memory, supporting conscious light expansion.  Platinum Alchemy Conscious Evolution Mapping creates a unique path for developing the soul’s  highest evolution potential. Healing techniques include cellular detoxification, meditation, yoga and cellular rejuvenation modalities to embody the new crystalline state of consciousness required for fuller soul light integration.

Additional Level 1. programs

  • Foundations of Archetypes, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology (professional Tarot Reading certification)

Learn how to become a professional confident reader using the traditional 78 Tarot cards, the ancient kabbalah system. ‘Ohlara’ fast tracks you into these 4 esoteric areas of wisdom from her 30+ years experience as a reader, counsellor, intuitive and healer. You will learn step by step how to answer questions about life, money, career, work, love, happiness, education, healing, the past, present, future and. Learn how to give healthy grounded spiritual guidance to your friends or loved ones then take your first steps as an oracle of light and spiritual counsellor. An essential course for all healers and therapists wanting to begin a career as a spiritual guide/counsellor.

$880.00 includes cards, workbook and certificate, (Deposit and payment plan)


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