Platinum Alchemy Ascension COACHING & CONSULTATION

kimWEBmelb0814Kim offers expert Platinum Alchemy coaching for health, lifestyle support and personal life transition supporting your next step in emotional, mind, body health or personal evolution.

Platinum Alchemy Coaching sessions create the perfect balance to harmonize all areas of your life, choose sessions as often as you want or need.

Kim’s background in health, healing, family life and business success have been created through her specialized connection with source light as well as her visionary gifts.

She shares this wisdom with you to support your personal success in health, relationships, family, or business.

If you have a block Kim will surely find it, support full clearing and coach you to your next level of light consciousness and personal evolution to support your desired transformation. There’s nothing quite like the work Kim does to affect all areas of your life positively.

Healing, Coaching and Consultation are available in person, over the phone or internationally via skype

Start with a FREE session to see if we are complementary vibrations



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