I love to see clients and offer a limited number of personal coaching and Platinum Alchemy Transformational Ascension sessions each month.

Both via distance (Phone or Skype) and face to face @ my healing temple in Avoca Beach NSW Australia

When you work with me, we really can get into what’s necessary together and create the healing and transformation you seek in next to no time.
Your session is intimate and from the heart, I listen to your needs and share your soul’s perspective as a safe healing portal is created for you to relax, share and open.
We locate the exact area that requires transformation.
From what you share with me along with the guidance I receive for you.
Then I fully support you to take the next steps.
There’s no guessing required, just the support you need to create, open and heal beyond your imagination.

Thats… Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing…. simply it








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