Bodihealth Cellular Rejuvenation Treatments provide the energy your body needs to

  • Return to balance cellular, physical, emotional, mental and subtle levels
  • Support accelerated cellular detoxification function and rejuvenation
  • Support rapid alkalization of body tissues via cellular detoxification
  • Remove energetic depression
  • Halve normal healing time no matter what age
  • Safe non invasive enjoyable treatment for any age
  • De stress and relax

Introductory treatment package $495.00  normally $765 (save $270.00)


  • Personalized monitoring & energy assessment each treatment
  • Platinum Alchemy Energy medicines, aromatherapy & herbal beverage during treatment.
  • 3 x 120 minute treatments (within 10 days) $75 per hour (normal fee $450.00)
  • Initial 90 min naturopathic and energy health consultation with your personalized program (normal fee $250.00)
  • Personalized treatment bands valued to $65.00

Benefits of Bodihealth Detox Cellular Rejuvenation therapy

  • Facilitate rapid healing pre and post surgery
  • Treatment for chronic health conditions like Lyme disease
  • Organ or whole body detoxification
  • Weight loss detox support
  • Diabetic health conditions (provides high antioxidant therapy)
  • Rapid healing for slow healing ulcers and wound healing
  • Pain Relief for chronic pain management
  • Fast healing for back injury or pain
  • Faster healing in bone fracture and ligament damage
  • Fast cellular recovery from sports training
  • Faster healing and recover from sporting injury
  • Healing of energetic depression and emotions
  • Hormonal balance enhancing fertility
  • Rapid lymphatic drainage for congestion and associated conditions
  • Natural antibiotic alternative
  • Whole body, emotion, mind healing for chronic fatigue
  • Wellness sessions for Stress management

Call Kim today to discuss your personal needs, out calls available for an extra fee

Kim is a qualified and certified Bodihealth practitioner, specially trained in this state of the art therapy specializing in energetic detox cellular rejuvenation, using Bodihealth technology (TGA registered medical device) and Bodiharmony home care.

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