Chakra Healing

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System

Chakra Evolution – Chakra Crystal Healing, Balancing and Cleansing

Bookings or Inquiry 0423 157 982 | Email Booking or Inquiry | 90 min / $275 Au

LotusLightbodyLOGOChakra Evolution™ healing is a part of our unique healing system which is a part of a larger philosophy of healing and spiritual development known as Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing™.

What happens in a Chakra Balancing treatment?

√ Your chakra system and aura is read to locate imbalances and with a special focus on your treatment.

√ Counselling on your area of concern and chakra imbalance is given.

√ Follow up and home care recommendations are given to keep your chakra system in good shape.

√ Treatment is given similiar to a therapeutic massage with hands on approach providing a deeply nurturing experience. Throughout your hands on treatment you are lightly cocooned and kept comfortable draped in towels/blankets.

√ Specially prepared organic pure essential Chakra alchemical healing oils are massaged into each chakra, along with high frequency source light, energies and colours, cleansing and balancing each chakra.

√ Crystal bowl sound healing and precious crystals are also used during your session for the deepest healing experience.

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