Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System

nirvana-slide1_KimPlatinum Alchemy Crystal bowl sound bath healing with Kim is a gentle nurturing yet powerful healing experience.

Guided by your source light and guides Kim provides protection, healing, clearing and transformation through sound, incorporating Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines (crystal, flower elixirs, symbols, aroma of flowers and botanicals) which work to clear deeper cellular  and DNA energy blockages. Kim works with 10 crystal bowls, shamanic drum and gasong, to support fuller opening and clearing of your 33 chakra system to integrate your soul light.

During each session you are guided into a personalised healing space to integrate the new crystalline frequencies available to humanity through 12 Lemurian Light temples and portals.

Each time you attend a session or a class your personal vibration increases due to the healing and clearing frequencies received, further aligning you to your source light.

Sessions and classes are easy and gentle and can be taken by everyone, there are no limitations as the angelic healing frequencies given are gentle and self regulating.

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How does Crystal Bowl Sound healing benefit you

  • If you feel stuck in your life and need support to move forward a session provides calmness, clarity, relaxation, rejuvenation and purification to support your personal needs. Often revealing answers to your questions and providing support for your next steps.
  • If you need support for physical, emotional or mental healing they are also perfect for this, sound healing provides a rapid response at a cellular level to support any imbalance, clearing energy blockages to support  life force return to areas of blockage so cells can begin to heal.
  • If you are an Empath, Healer or Sensitive you will receive a great deal of support and benefit in all areas of your life as clearing and soul light integration is experienced.

Kim guides you on an inner journey of Peace, Love, Deep and Meaningful Healing to support all areas of your life.  You will be bathed in crystal sound, Platinum Fragrance Alchemy, Light elixirs, Healing rays and light codes along with light language from your starry home.

Restoring, Rejuvenating, Relaxing and Meditating with ease.

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Workshops are held at various venues on the Central Coast and Newcastle.

Kim can travel, to host a workshop or healing sessions in your area.

Platinum Sound Bath Healing can be organized at your special event.

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