Platinum Alchemy Distant Healing and Entity Clearing Soul Retrieval is a specialized service developed and provided by Kim. This treatment is often essential before other forms of healing can begin and maybe the only treatment required to move forward.
Entities, thought-forms and attachments are often lodged in your DNA strands within your 33 energy portals (chakras). When you begin to increase your personal vibration, through conscious intent or receive activations from healing or solar flare activity, they can present themselves and appear bothersome often needing to be dealt with for your soul to properly integrate into your body. Entities and attachments are often found, felt or seen quite easily by empaths and healers.

Platinum Alchemy Distant Healing and Entity Clearing | Soul Retrieval

Treatments are only given after an initial assessment to determine the exact area of dna, chakra and archetypal energies requiring clearing or integration so proper healing can begin.

PLATINUM ALCHEMY Distant healing and Entity Clearing

Whats Included

  • Personalized Energy Assessment with QnA as above
  • Full entity report emailed on completion of the healing|clearing with follow-on recommendations.
  • A complete set (1 month supply) of Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines (6 Crystal Detox mineral baths, 1 x aura clearing mist, 1 x gem and flower essence, 1 x anointing chakra oil, 1 x organic herbal tea, 1 x invocation).
  • Your Platinum Alchemy emotional energy detox kit is mailed via Auspost Express Post in Australia, or Auspost Express Courier International post. Your healing is usually scheduled just before or when you  receive your energy detox kit.
  • 20 minute Skype or phone consultation before or after your healing, you are supported every step of the way.
  • A full energy assessment Personal Light Check 1.’ to locate specific problems and map your individual case for each healing given.
  • One hour distant healing|clearing.
  • Full entity report emailed on completion of the healing|clearing with follow-on recommendations.

What if i need more then one treatment?

It may be likely that you will need more than one treatment, this will be determined in your initial assessment. Because the Platinum Alchemy healing techniques are accurate and on point the number of sessions is minimized. Each case is totally individual and this will be obtained in your assessment.

Why Do I need the Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines?

The use of Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines is recommended when you need clearing of entities and soul retrieval. The Platinum Alchemy Energy Medicines have been developed by Kim from channeled guidance of the ’12 Platinum Elohim’ and ‘Shining Ones’ specifically to detoxify all subtle bodies and DNA and chakras which have been damaged allowing attachments to manifest and exist.

Without full detoxification of the problem areas the healing may only work as a band aid. This has been our experience prior to development and over 2o years when clients do not follow their souls guidance or instruction. When you use the appropriate energy medicine homecare kit for the 4 weeks, and have accompanied distance healings we have found results are always permanent.

Any future problem that might occur would be occurring at another level of DNA and archetypal consciousness which is ready to clear. This simply emerges as you are ready to deal with it because we are rapidly biologically evolving and your personal frequency is continually changing.

We know that this healing works amazingly well when clients follow their soul instruction so they can simply move forward with their life.

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