Interdimensional Healing

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System

Interdimensional healing is a process of healing, clearing and opening up energies which are stuck or blocked between dimensions.

Broken and damaged grid lines can be the cause of emotional, mental and even physical illness.

During a healing breaks, holes, dense spots, past life experiences and many other destructive energies are located and cleared to support fuller alignment and integration into ones current life.

What happens in a Healing?

Your personal energy is assessed with Platinum Alchemy medical Intuitive consultation techniques to determine the correct, products and techniques to use for your individual needs. Once determined you will be given water with Platinum Alchemy elixirs and flower essences to drink to start the clearing or awakening process, followed by Platinum Alchemy Subtle Aromatherapy for your individual healing needs.

You will remain clothed and asked to lay on the healing couch face up or face down, your eyes will be covered gently, to help you focus within, Subtle Aromatherapy will be introduced as you are asked to begin deeper breathing to connect to a deeper level within. Smudging, Crystal or voice sounding follows as part of your healing preparation. Once preparation is completed a combination of energy healing tools are used along with gentle light touch or no touch as your healer works through the dimensional layers repairing and restoring the energies to your personal grids and matrix.

A maximum of three techniques are carried out in one healing session, once the energy techniques have been applied, you will rest for 30 minutes before being asked to move. It is also recommended that you take it easy for 2 hours after the healing.

Most clients are in a healing session for 2hrs

Why Should we have Interdimensional healing?

Whenever  you feel stuck there will most likely be problems within your personal energy grid matrix, so this is a good time to begin repair and maintenance. Repairing breaks within our personal grid matrix allows us to reconnect fully to the cosmic source matrix as we evolve to integrate our truth source light.

This type of healing is very gentle and suitable for everyone, it is often most needed for those who are often termed lightworkers and star beings.

Those who have an awareness of the dimensional grids and universal matrix and need specialized assistance to more fully integrate themselves into their physical body so they can do the work they have come to earth to do.

It is usually carried out in house, but may be also be carried out at a distance healing with some preparation.

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